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Looking to fill positions

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Looking to fill positions

Postby Mod Leeroy » Thu Dec 15, 2016 8:48 am

Looking to fill some site positions. If you are interested, send me a private message.

  • General Moderator
  • Hacking Moderator
  • Video Moderator
  • Porn Moderator
  • Graphics Moderator

General Moderator - General tasks of moderating the forums, Cleaning up spam, ensuring posts follow rules and are in the right boards.
Hacking Moderator - In charge of uploading hacking tutorials, as well as password lists and serial keys.
Video Moderator - In charge of finding and uploading movies/tv shows, as well as categorizing them into an easy to view list.
Porn Moderator - Uploading porn from exclusive sites and moderating porn to make sure it is legal and meets the rules.
Graphics Moderator - In change of creating custom logos, signatures, and rank graphics.

All moderators will have the same privileges regarding the forums, however depending on the position, you will have different responsibilities. Please do not hesitate if you are interested. All positions are still open.

Both Porn and Video Moderators will be taught the most effective process of uploading videos.

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